Guided Black Bear Hunts $1,495  or  with Meals $1,595


Our Maine black bear hunting trips are conducted for three weeks starting the last week of August. We lease nearly 20,000 acres of land to conduct our hunts on. No other black bear hunters will be there during your stay. We hunt the greater Penobscot River Valley north and west of our cabins. It is an area with great variation in terrain and cover, and along with the old logging areas comes raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, a favorite of all black bear. Your Maine black bear hunt will be conducted over bait from ground blinds at a distance of 15-25 yards.

First time bear hunters are welcome here. Gary’s Guide Service offers more hunter education than most outfitters. Once you have booked your hunt, we will send you a 20 page packet of information to prepare you for black bear hunting at Gary’s Guide Service. In addition, once you arrive you will receive a one hour orientation, along with tips on shot placement, bait site orientation, sizing your bear, fighting your emotions and many other topics. All weapons are welcome and there are ranges to shoot your bows and firearms once you arrive.

Six trophy black bears have been shot here that made the Maine Record Book. See our photo gallery for those pictures. These bruins all dressed out between 325 and 425 lbs.

Maine Black Bear on the Prowl


Our Maine guided black bear hunt is a 6 day hunt from Monday thru Saturday. Your full-guided package includes 7 nights lodging, guide services, active bait sites with ground blinds, as well as transportation to and from your bait sites, escorted to and from your sites, bear location, retrieval, field dressing, as well as transportation back to camp. Your black bear will be hung, weighed, cleaned and iced down for the night. The next day pictures will be taken and we will transport your trophy to the taxidermist if you wish. If not, you are responsible for the skinning per your taxidermist’s instructions. Once skinned, we will do the butchering and you will do the packaging. We will freeze the meat for your return trip home. Meals can be included with your hunt for $30 per day par person. Your cabin has full kitchen facilities and barbeque grill. There are also many restaurants less than 9 miles away in Lincoln.

A typical hunting day bear hunting will put you in your ground blind between 2-3 PM. We will pick you up at the legal shooting time which is 30 minutes after sunset. 

In addition to having a great black bear hunt, we want you to have a complete Maine outdoor experience, so we have boats, motors and fuel so you can experience some great Smallmouth bass fishing on the Penobscot River during the morning hours and days after you have shot your black bear. Rentals are $30 for half days for outpost hunters and free for guided hunters.

Side trips to Mt. Katahdin or a round of golf at our two golf courses are morning possibilities. Go to  or to see our two golf courses.


Outpost Black Bear Hunt (semi-guided) - $1195

This Maine black bear hunt is exactly the same as the fully-guided hunt with the following exceptions. Since this is a more “do it yourself” hunt you will be responsible for the following:

  • Transportation to and from your bait sites 5-15 miles

  • Location, retrieval, gutting and transportation of your black bear

  • Skinning and butchering. Use our freezer

  • Transportation to the taxidermist (8 miles)

You will be provided with equipment to drag your bear from the woods. If you and are unable to find your black bear you can hire Gary or Aaron to locate and remove your bear from the woods for $100.


Another Great Maine Black Bear Taken by Gary's Guide Service